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The success of great leaders today is elevated through collaboration, decentralising decisions, sharing insights and constantly challenging the status quo. If COVID-19 has proved anything in the world of business, it is that agility and resilience come hand in hand.

Organisational agility is a core component of effective futureproofing, allowing companies to withstand dramatic, industry-wide changes – a key example being the constant advancement of leadership today.

Assion’s senior practitioners specialise in consulting, leadership hiring, and leadership training. We recruit and support Agile Leaders to motivate teams and encourage company growth, harnessing a specific set of characteristics proven to make leaders truly exceptional.

Our Approach

To ensure your organisation recruits the most appropriate Agile Leader – one that aligns with your values, culture, and vision – we follow a thorough 8-step process.

DISCOVER  – your need for a new leadership role

PROMOTE – your requirements across our professional network

EVALUATE – all incoming applicants before they land on your desk.

PRESENT – you with suitable candidates for shortlisting and interviewing

PREPARE – interviews on a day and time that suits your busy schedule

FEEDBACK – is collected and shared between you and the candidate

CONTRACTS  – will be managed by us ensuring they are signed ontime

START – dates and other joining details are finalised so you can prepare for their arrival!

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