Find new

Ways of thinking

We introduce better ways of working so that you can deliver value to your people, both internally and externally.

Building strategies that flow

Consulting for positive and lasting change

We support organisations seeking to change ways of working and processes that no longer support them.

This happens through one-to-one conversations, group coaching and workshops. We will also dig deep into the core of your business, to really understand your motivations for change.

We do this so that we can deliver the most accurate strategy for business change and we will never cut corners. 

28 Years Of Digital Consulting Experience

Creating work environments that eliminate waste, streamline processes and align internal practices.

Creative Business Solutions

As your transformation begins to embed itself, our leadership consultants will be there to guide your leaders into roles of positive influence.



Our experts will explore any existing challenges across your value stream. We will create and execute a robust strategy to initiate a plan that works.


Our coaches can support every aspect of a your business, diving deep into teams and the wider organisation to explore the complex challenges faced, introduce agile tools and practices, and bring employees up to speed with better ways of working.


In such testing times, rapid leadership thinking makes for effective futureproofing. Withstanding dramatic and industry-wide changes.


There is endless potential in technology and with this in mind, we have launched an ‘Innovation & Discovery’ service, applying experimental techniques to improve existing products and build products that customers will love.

Our Approach

At Assion Consulting, we truly care about helping clients thrive. By truly understanding your vision and goals, we can provide the best tools and practices required for you and your people to win.


Unless already done, we will host discovery workshops to explore what makes for the right change approach. We will collaborate towards visualising a ‘to be’ state.


After discovery, we will discuss our findings with you and create a strategy that combines theory and practices for embedding a trusted solution that fits across the board.


We will consistently be sense-checking, reviewing and refining the approach. By consistently measuring your progress, so we can celebrate all of your wins.


Where value is realised and positive outcomes can be felt, we look support you in embedding the solution so that it becomes a part of your thriving business.

Mark Beardsworth


They are smart, organised and innovative, approaching projects from a ‘Can-do’ perspective. I would have no reservation in recommending them.

Patrick Gilmore


Superb in their project management skills and Agile processes: fastidious, thorough and always aware of both the bigger picture and the finer detail. No hesitation in recommending them.

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